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News: New release 16.0 of Accolade Enterprise Strategy Execution Software available now

Innovation Software

Accolade Enterprise Innovation Management

Why is Innovation Management a high priority?

“The top Innovative organisations will grow at twice the average rate and at four times the rate of the least innovative"

“Only 18% of corporate staff can name any of the company strategic objectives”


Technology and its pace of change are accelerating at an unprecedented rate. This means that requirements of the market need to be re-assessed continually in order to remain current and relevant. Static, annually reviewed Operating Plans need to be replaced by a dynamic 'Living Portrait” of your Business, capable of changing with the same speed as technology and market demands.

Whenever innovation and new ideas are developed and created, they must be continually re-aligned to match your strategic goals. This same rule is crucial for existing portfolios and programmes together with financial, and people resources.

Most Enterprise organisations are still managing their Innovation process with spreadsheets and slides

  • Notoriously difficult to keep up to date
  • Hard to share securely with the whole team                                       
  • Often not aligned with Strategy or resources
  • Slow to react to market and technology changes
  • Cannot adapt easily to organisational changes

Specialised software is essential to manage Innovation in a Digital world

Accolade software from Sopheon empowers cross-functional teams to collaborate in creating and updating the information that drives the management of your Innovation Strategies, Portfolios and development activities. Synchronised visual outputs and personalised dashboards provide the clarity for key executives and managers to make better-informed decisions.

The Single Source of the Truth to support better-informed Decisions

Accolade provides “The single source of the truth” for managing all your Innovation initiatives. Information directly entered into Accolade is combined with data automatically updated from existing business applications such as SAP ®, Oracle ®, CRM. HR and Project Management systems using Accolade Integration software and services.


Strategic Planning & Roadmapping

Enables long term strategic planning in line with company goals to maintain alignment between market requirements, product plans and technology developments. Cross functional teams share dynamic roadmaps to spot gaps and opportunities and can react by making faster and better-informed decisions.

Portfolio Management & Optimisation

Allows Portfolio Managers to continually evaluate the status of their projects and programmes and optimise which to concentrate on to maximise profitability in line with company goals. Different scenarios can be modelled and compared before making decisions to kill projects or change priorities and resource allocations.

Gated Process Mangement

Improves the efficiency of cross functional teams to speed up and support any new product methods and processes such as Phase-gate, Lean Six Sigma, Stage-Gate®, and many others. All users are provided with a dashboard showing the exact status of their projects and helps them to deliver the correct information for the next gate meeting.

Idea Creation & Development

Mount campaigns to encourage new ideas to support the goals in the roadmaps to ensure the selection of the highest value products to enter the product development lifecycle. All idea submitters are continually updated with the status of their idea, how it is being voted on and when a decision will be made – this encourages them to propose more ideas in the future.

Accolade Go for mobile users

Stay in touch when you are on the move. Accolade Go is available for Android iOS and Windows mobile users.

  • Check on project progress and status wherever you are.
  • Vote on Gate meetings and communicate decisions to avoid the usual bottlenecks.
  • Keep the workflows moving by staying in touch whenever you need to.


Benefits of Enterprise Innovation Management

  • New ideas and Innovation developments continually aligned with Company Strategic plans to achieve your goals
  • Portfolios of programmes, projects and ideas dynamically balanced against financial and people resources to maximise profit.
  • Priority given to the more strategic and valuable developments and poorly performing activities killed at an earlier stage.
  • A better-informed and energised workforce given up-to-date, easily understood visual information to make better decisions at all levels.
  • The ability to react more rapidly to changes in the marketplace and spot gaps and opportunities as they occur to stay ahead of your competition.


How to get rapid adoption?

Facilitation services from Roadmapping Technology ensure that the process can be quickly adopted to show early success. Initial workshops with key stakeholders will enable Accolade to be configured (no code changes to the software) to match existing processes and terminology

  • The configured software ensures that all processes have a consistent format and language which is easily understood throughout the business
  • Best Practices developed over many years in your industry will be incorporated to give you a fast start
  • Data can be quickly imported and automatically updated if appropriate from other business systems such as SAP ®, Oracle ®, Primavera ® and Excel ®
  • The implementation will be phased so that you start gaining value quickly and progress at a pace that you choose




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