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Best Practice Guidance

Over the many years we have been implementing solutions for customers our consultants have worked in conjunction with our suppliers to create a library of Best Practice Content and Guidance.

The results of Innovation Management initiatives can be greatly increased by using a systematic approach which will better serve the organisation. Our Best Practice Content and Guidance can be used to the greatest effect to give the perfect starting point to these business practice changes. Use our processes, frameworks and templates out of the box, with a few amendments or just as inspiration – whichever the preferred route.

Get a Faster Start

Using proven processes and templates can cut implementation time dramatically. Even where changes are needed it is easy in Accolade to modify a standard process and quicker than designing a new one.

Encourage User Adoption

Standard reports and dashboards can immediately provide key information to help users with their day to day workload and make better-informed decisions. This will quickly overcome any initial reluctance to change and rapidly gain support across the organisation – so essential for success.

Continual "Iterative" improvement

Leading Innovative organisations continually review and enhance their internal system based on experience, new software capabilities and changes in technology and market demands. Accolade customers can update and improve their configuration themselves to take advantages of these changes. This does not need IT Support, but guidance is always available from our Business Consultants if required.

Examples of our Best Practice Content and Guidance:

  • Taxonomy Classification
  • Strategic Goal Definition
  • Roadmapping Framework
  • Idea Development Context
  • Gated Process Definition
  • Process Deliverable Templates
  • Portfolio Structure Definition
  • Portfolio Prioritisation & Optimisation
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Intelligence Performance Measurements

Innovation Management needs to be a continuous learning process aiming to drive your business forward with measurable results.

Compete harder in an ever rapidly changing environment by re-using the knowledge and experience we have amassed over the years across a broad variety of industries

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