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News: New release 16.0 of Accolade Enterprise Strategy Execution Software available now

Innovation Software

Idea Creation & Development

"An environment for widespread generation of new ideas targeted at company goals"

Idea management has come a long way, but Accolade Idea Development goes a step further by encouraging contributors to target their new ideas in line with the company strategic marketing, product and technology goals depicted in the Accolade Roadmaps. 

Run campaigns to focus new thoughts about specific initiatives in identified timescales. Automatically group ideas of similar types on similar topics together and electronically share them with like-minded contributors to start further collaboration and refinement.

Easily review the chosen concepts to evaluate the ones with the greatest commercial potential. These can then be validated by qualified reviewers and moved into the innovation pipeline to start the new product development cycle. Other promising ideas and concepts can be kept in an archive where they can be searched and reviewed later when the timing may be more appropriate.

Accolade Idea Development encourages the adoption of an idea generating culture within an organisation to gain competitive edge from employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. As part of the Accolade Innovation suite Idea Development enables the generation and management of ideas to be channelled into the Roadmapping, Process management and Portfolio management processes.

Whilst the software itself can help remind and simplify the input it is our experienced business facilitators who can also guide you to inspire a culture where new ideas are applauded even if they sound implausible. Sharing ideas and openness takes time to embed in an organisation, but the sooner you start the faster you can gain the competitive rewards.

Benefits of Idea Management

  • Creates an environment for widespread generation of new ideas targeted at company goals
  • Encourages users to collaborate in developing concepts from multiple related ideas
  • Turn the best ideas more quickly into high-value products and services
  • Retains and groups similar ideas for later retrieval and use when they may be more appropriate for projects far into the future
  • Enables greater revenues and profits to be achieved from faster innovation and new product development




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