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News: New release 16.0 of Accolade Enterprise Strategy Execution Software available now

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Strategic Planning and Roadmapping

"Create and visualise future plans across the Enterprise"

Achieve your Vision and Goals with Strategic Planning & Roadmapping

Collaborative Roadmapping will help you meet your Company Goals, by creating and visualising future plans across the Enterprise.  Share the Company Vision of “where you are today” and how you plan to migrate to “where you want to be” in the future.

Set out your vision for short term, medium term and long term horizons to inspire confidence and understanding in your whole organisation.

By involving cross-functional teams to maintain their parts of the Roadmap you will create an up-to-date visual output that explains where they fit into the overall picture and how they can contribute to achieve Company or Divisional targets.

Empower your teams and improve their decision-making capability

Roadmaps ensure that market requirements, product/service developments and technology are continually aligned to ensure the best use of resources. Gaps and opportunities are spotted when they occur so that decisions can be made when they are needed rather than when it is too late.

Share the Roadmaps to communicate better with Customers and Suppliers

Accolade enables different views to be easily created for different audiences such as senior executives, departmental managers, team members, customers and suppliers for information and feedback. This well proven process is known to improve commitment and informed decision making in your organisation and with external partners.

    The Benefits of Roadmapping

    • Maintain alignment between company strategy, market requirements, product/service releases, technology developments and resources
    •  Immediately spot gaps and opportunities as they occur and automatically inform those involved to take action
    •  Quickly create different views to securely share with different audiences to make better informed decisions
    •  Make more confident investment decisions and react more quickly to competitors and changes in the marketplace
    •  Improve relationships and productivity both within the organisation and with customers and suppliers by sharing the information and getting their feedback
    • React more effectively to external and disruptive changes in Technology, the Market and Legislation




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