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Modern Slavery Statement

This is a voluntary statement by Roadmapping Technology as we are now committed to working with our supply chain to combat slavery and human trafficking. We have zero tolerance to any form of slavery and will continue to improve our procedures for preventing such practices within our organisation and our suppliers.

Our business

We supply and support cloud based software for businesses mostly in the UK. We have a very small number of  software suppliers and services that we re-sell and a number of suppliers of goods and services to support our marketing and consultancy activities.

Our major suppliers provide software development services and Cloud hosting services. Neither of these areas are generally considered as high risk environments for modern slavery.

Modern Slavery Policy

Our commitment as a company is to introduce procedures and monitoring to ensure that there is no human trafficking within our supply chain or our own organisation. Our Modern Slavery Policy is to work closely with our own staff and suppliers to confirm that they share are abhorrence of any form of human trafficking. We want to get their assurance to do their best to look out for and report any signs that it might exist in their organisation or in their own supply chains.

Processes we are implementing

We have started to ask our suppliers for details of their own policies and will make this a formal process for the future carried out annually.

Monitoring our suppliers

At the same time we are requesting a copy of their own Modern Slavery statement and an undertaking to inform us of any instances of human trafficking they discover in their own organisation or supply chain.


We will continue to make our staff aware of this policy and encourage them to be alert for any signs that they might observe and immediately report any suspicious circumstances to a Director of the company.

Board Approval

This statement has been approved by the directors of Roadmapping Technology for the financial year ending 31st December 2021 and will be updated annually


Chris Creighton Thomas

MD - Roadmapping Technology