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News: New release 16.0 of Accolade Enterprise Strategy Execution Software available now

Innovation Software

Portfolio Management & Optimisation

"Optimise and manage Strategic Portfolio decisions by continually balancing risks, finances and skills to deliver the best value in line with Strategic goals and ambitions"

Balancing resources effectively

Only by optimising and managing the finite capacities of skills, finances and other resources can you achieve your Strategic and profit objectives. Accolade allows you to easily create scenarios showing the effect of changing programme or project priorities, moving start and end dates or allocating more staff. You can even let Accolade suggest scenarios based on constraints that you set. All of this without changing any base data until you decide which scenario to adopt

Creating Value

Portfolios of Innovative Ideas, Research programmes and New Product/Service Developments need to be continually re-assessed and aligned to your strategy and prioritised to create the greatest value for your Enterprise.

Reacting to change

With rapid changes in market demands, technology and organisational structures, Senior Managers need Data driven information presented in an intuitive and visual format to make the right decisions to stay ahead of the competition.

Accolade Portfolio Management provides the ability to optimise Innovation Portfolios to focus on the projects and products which create the greatest value in line with strategic goals. Portfolio managers can easily adjust to changing circumstances to effectively ensure that the most profitable throughput can be achieved within the constraints of finance and resources.

Accolade software from Sopheon provides “The single source of the truth” for managing all your Innovation initiatives. Information directly entered into Accolade is combined with data automatically updated from existing applications such as ERP, CRM and HR systems using Accolade Integration software.

Benefits of Portfolio Management

  • Optimisation of the portfolio can be achieved on a very regular basis in line with changes to the market, project timetables, funding and resources
  • Better decisions can be made as to which products and projects to prioritise to achieve the maximum value across multiple portfolios
  • Portfolio Managers can always save time and effort in managing the investments by having the information available in a meaningful consolidated form
  • Sophisticated calculations can automatically be performed to suggest how the portfolio can be changed to meeting specific Company or divisional objectives
  • The ability to react quickly and frequently to the many different internal and external factors in a dynamic global environment greatly improves productivity and profitability.




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