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Facilitated Services

Facilitated Workshops run during the implementation of Accolade Innovation Management software  

These are run with key stakeholders to get agreement and commitment to the processes to be adopted for the following capabilities. Tailored to suit each implementation and designed to create the basis for configuring the software to match each client’s individual needs.

Typical topics include:

  • Strategic Planning and Roadmapping
  • Idea Capture and Development
  • Business Process Definition / Refinement
  • Process Adoption and Measuring Success
  • Portfolio Definition and Optimisation
  • Creation and comparison of Scenarios

We aim to make planning sessions as interactive as possible whilst maintaining the focus of the group. Creative thinking and the tabling of new ideas are positively promoted whilst keeping a balance to ensure consensus is achieved.

Why use an Independent Facilitator?

The use of an experienced, independent facilitator can cut through the “Company Politics” that often constrain frank discussion between participants at all levels. Getting “buy-in” across the whole group is essential in ensuring commitment and support for the agreed plan

Our facilitators conduct pre-meeting interviews to capture the requirements from key individuals and ensure alignment of expectations. All outcomes of the Workshop are documented into a final report to a pre-agreed format – allowing future re-use across the business.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.


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