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News: New release 16.0 of Accolade Enterprise Strategy Execution Software available now

Innovation Software

Gated Process Management

Minimise your risk of New Product failures

Success rates for New Product or Service Developments are typically improved by 30% when actively managed through a Phase-Gate, Stage-Gate® or similar process.

From initial Idea through to launch each activity needs to be continually monitored and adjusted in line with rapidly changing technologies, market demands and your own Strategies and resources.

Cross-functional teams can access a central database of project and portfolio data to collaborate on Innovation Developments throughout their lifecycle from Initial Ideas through to launch and end-of-life.

Standard or bespoke process models can be used for any type of product, service or initiative to improve the efficiency of managing the execution and support better informed decision making at every stage.

Only by making continual, factual data-driven team decisions to Go, Kill or Hold development can you be assured you are financing the products and programs that will create the greatest value for the Company.

Sopheon’s Accolade software is used to successfully manage these gated processes for over 250 Enterprises around the world. In addition to Stage-Gate® Accolade can also automate any of the other gated processes including  PACE®, waterfall, DoD 5000, Lean Six Sigma, Phase-Gate and Agile.

Excellent user adoption

User adoption of Accolade  is rapid, simply because it helps users and managers to do their job in less time and make better informed decisions. Each user has a personalised dashboard view of all their activities, timescales and instant notifications of projects in trouble.

Updated deliverables for Gate meetings can be produced automatically in Company standardised formats such as PowerPoint saving huge amounts of time.

Accolade Go for Android. iOS and Windows mobile enables users to stay in touch at all times even when on the move. The status of projects can be checked at any time and gated decisions can be voted on remotely to avoid the usual bottlenecks and make better use of time for all involved.

The Benefits of managing Gated Processes

  • Automate any of today’s gated development processes, including Stage-Gate®, agile, PACE®, waterfall, DoD 5000, Lean Six Sigma, and Phase-Gate
  • Support the practical project management needs of innovation team leaders by enabling them to define, schedule, and manage multiple innovation projects automatically
  • Provide executives with a continual status on all deliverables required for gate meeting to ensure that the necessary kill or continue decisions can be made without delay.
  • Saves valuable time and resource by streamlining the creation of business cases, market assessments, cash flow analyses, gate presentations, and other key deliverables
  • Enable continual process improvement by giving on-demand access to project histories and background to gate decisions with insightful analysis of why projects succeeded or failed
  • Rapid and easy adoption with built in integration of familiar MS Office®, MS Project®, SharePoint® applications and many other existing data sources




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